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We don’t take just anybody. We won’t make you empty promises, and we won’t let you down. We interview every candidate and we only alow those with the right stuff to join us.

But you don’t need experience, as we give you the most comprehensive training possible, and a full start up and support system.

All you really need is the motivation and drive to succeed. If you really want to make a success of you life why not see if you have what it takes to join us?
REP and you - a partnership

Our local agents are called Partners. This is because we value them all and support them every step of the way. Becoming a member of the Really Easy team is a commitment both ways. If we expect you to work hard and to give of your best, you should expect us to do the same.

Our team is a partnership of like-minded men and women working together to make things better, and to make life Really Easy for our clients.


There is more to life than just money, but, while we have strong ethics and are proud of what we do, we are all in business to make a good living. We all deserve to. At Really Easy Property we are confident you can make a six figure income. Our basic, conservative target will take your income above £200,000 in each territory. We expect many Partners to smash this target!
If you like what we’re saying, and you’d like to be part of a revolutionary, ethical and forward thinking company you can get in at the start NOW.

We have already recruited a significant number of Partners and there are a substantial number of territories already reserved as we come to our public launch..

The total package price is £97,000. However, for the first 20 franchisees only we are offering an amazing £50,000 discount. This is STRICTLY limited, and when the offer runs out it will not be repeated. It is therefore in your best interests to apply NOW to see if you will qualify for this special price of only £47,000. All figures are exclusive of VAT.

The package price is comprehensive and includes your initial 10% refundable securing deposit. It also includes our fully comprehensive start up programme and equipment - with breakthrough training methods and sales techniques.

In addition you will receive state of the art back up systems and support, including dedicated mentoring.

We will also supply very high quality cutting edge marketing materials, Hi-Glow sales boards and patent protected sales signs, high performance business machines including printer, copier, fax and scanner and high-end laptop computer and, of course, a full suite of personalised  business stationery.

We are only looking for the very best applicants to run this revolutionary business. If you are one of the very few we choose to join us, then you can secure the territory of your choice (subject to availability) by paying a refundable securing deposit of 10% of the package price.

If you’d like to say YES!! to what we have to offer, and you truly believe you may qualify and pass our stringent pre-selection standards then don’t miss out.

Be part of it – for further info or a franchise brochure.

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Really Easy Property is a business with a very strong moral compass and we aim to give something back to the community we operate in and society at large. We will give 5% of our net profits to charities both at a local and national level. We are proud of what we do and our franchisees are proud to be part of such an ethical organisation.
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