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Answering questions on a feel good business..

Really Easy Property Group is a relative newcomer to the property market, the people behind it are not. REP was started by a successful network of property professionals who recognised the need to do away with expensive charges and outdated methods.

You have an important decision to make on choosing the right company to partner you, this is your career, your new business. So
here are the most popular questions asked of us.


Q. Do online or virtual estate agencies work?
A: Most certainly! Our extensive market research backs this up, and proves this is they way of the future, and the engine for growth in the property industry. The growth of portals like RightMove and Find a Property are testament to this.

      Working from home is not new to Estate Agency and is well established in mainstream business. The Internet has grown exponentially year-on-year and studies prove that over 80% of the population now uses the web to research and buy homes. We are among the principal pioneers in this area.  
    Q. What makes a successful business and why is yours so different ?
A: In general Estate Agency businesses have fallen into two groups - well known industry names (sometimes looking to expand via the franchise route); and independent operations. Whichever route, existing agencies carry high overheads (leases, business rates, staff and other heavy fixed costs).
      These high entry costs have been a prohibitive hurdle and burden to new independent operators, and so many agents who otherwise have the talent and drive to succeed have found the way barred to them. Well, not any more!  
      We knew things had to change and by using a mix of industry experience and state-of the-art technology we make home buying/selling a more user-friendly (*and cheaper) experience for all. *Something that Estate Agents with their high-overheads understandably are in no rush to do!
With Really Easy you can offer more to a client, charge them much less and still make a much higher margin than ever before. This is your chance to back a win-win proposition.
    Q. Why hasn't someone done this before ?
A: If the truth be told Estate Agents have had it all too much their own way over the last few years. They have become complacent and comfortable. The customs of the industry are partly to blame for the UK's housing stock being overvalued - as borne out by the property market downturn. The old-fashioned business model of many agents is now exposed, with many going out of business.
      When to going was good no-one in the industry wanted to “shake the boat”. Additionally, of course, creating a brand like Really Easy and developing this kind of technology is a massive investment and this is a pre-requisite to roll out a "National Network. Lastly, existing agents are entrenched in a “High Street” mentality, with lengthy commitments to expensive contracts and leases.  
      In short, no-one has had the incentive, or would provide the finance to do this before. Now established players are unable to respond to a forward thinking operation like Really Easy. That is why there has never been a better time than NOW to join our property revolution.  
    Q. Why is Really Easy Property being hailed as the next big thing and why will it succeed ?
A: Simply because we have the cutting edge combination of experience and technology that will redefine property sales in ways that will help everyone at a time when the market is in need. We are proving that a sale or purchase needn’t be the most stressful or costly transaction in a person’s life. It can be done - better, more successfully, faster and cheaper.
      As the public are become more and more aware of our striking Yellow and Black logo and profiled sales boards you will be in the vanguard of change for the better. You can position yourself at the forefront of the expansion of the Really Easy brand and the proliferation of “Buy It NOW” sales boards popping-up in towns across the country.  

Q. Why should vendors give me their property when there are bigger names out there?
A: It is a matter of record that the public resent paying estate agent’s traditional fees and that the majority feel they get very bad value for the expensive outlay. Really Easy Property exists to address both of these concerns.

      Instead of enormous fees (to support an uneconomic infrastructure) you will be able to operate at a significantly higher profit margin while charging amazingly competitive fees, starting from just 0.49%.
The “established names” just cannot compete!
      Instead of a couple of static photos and a dull, “same old” standard small advert we provide full 360° virtual tours of the entire house as standard. We provide a unique Seller’s Package that includes cut price HIP, subsidised solicitors, AND a full mortgage survey to entice buyers all as standard. Buyers can see all local amenities, from cinemas and restaurants to transport and school league tables. They can even “Buy It NOW” – an amazing opportunity to effect a legal exchange online. This removes the risk of gazumping for the buyer and guzundering sellers. Sellers can even opt for broadcast quality, edited, video presentations with music and voiceover – just like on TV!  
      In short, we offer so much more than anyone else, whether they be independent or “big name” agents; we have the most visual brand in the country; we will sell faster and with less fuss; and do all of this much cheaper! The real question is: Why would anyone not want to use you? We provide a win-win solution for you and your clients.  
      Really Easy Property will be the biggest brand in the country in the next few years.  

Q. I'm an estate agent - why should I buy into your brand ?
A: You don't have to be an estate agent, but you do have to agree with our business model. You should buy-in because you already know the business and because you know things are going to change. Individual agents up and down the country are concerned about their jobs and that they are not earning the commission they had hoped this year. There is a general sense of uncertainty. Really Easy Property provides a complete business package for the internet age and those who don't join will see very soon a Really Easy Agent in their town.

      If you have any sense of the future direction of the industry you’ll already realise that existing business models can’t hope to beat us. - So why not join us?  
    Q. Don't I need a High Street office to be a success in my area ?
A: NO! As the Internet grows ever larger, the High Street is more and more an expensive an unnecessary burden.
      Research proves that most people feel intimidated walking into an estate agent’s office. Amongst other objections, Buyers feel they will lose control of their agenda and Sellers fear being tied into a long 'sole agent' contract. This general feeling of uneasiness has helped to fuel the rise of the internet as the overwhelming first choice for buyers searching for properties. Doesn’t it make sense to make full and proper use the medium where buyers are looking rather than tie up the majority of your money in fixed costs and premises that put many clients off?  
      At Really Easy we feel that a 21 st century property business that doesn’t have the internet as front and centre is failing its clients badly, and has no future.  

History proves, time and again, that only businesses who embrace and welcome changing technology survive and thrive. It is your choice whether you stay in an outdated comfort zone and watch business deteriorate, decline and die or accept the changing world, adapt and blossom and flourish.

    Q. How are areas defined and what would be the size of my territory ?
A: A Really Easy Territory is defined by postcodes and have no less than 100,000 residents. This is a footprint that you would traditionally support 25 or more estate agents.
      As a Really Easy branded agent, with the tools and technology at your disposal you will quickly become the Number1 property agent in your town, city, or region.  
      AND, your territory is exclusive in perpetuity! That’s right – you are the only person in your territory with the right to operate this amazing business.  



Q: How much does it cost to become a Really Easy Agent?
A: The subsidised cost for entry level to secure the Really Easy Agent position in your territory is £9,997 . This is the basic start up fee, and other income stream modules can be added while they are still available (and there are currently some amazing offers for the rights to these, such as the licence for Really Easy Auctions at half price – if you buy it with your Really Easy Agent licence).

Q. My bank manager will want to ask "What is your USP ?"
A: You will already realise that Really Easy Property doesn’t present you with just one USP - we give you SEVERAL!
      We have the most innovative property software available; the most interactive sales pages for both buyers and sellers; our agents have MULTIPLE revenue streams all with minimal overheads; you have access to Estate Agency sales, Auctions, Lettings, Mortgages, Insurance, Conveyancing services, FSBO sales, Commercial property sales, and International sales, and you’ll do it better, faster and cheaper than the competition while maintaining higher profit margins for you.  
      We’ll even help you with a business plan and financial spreadsheets for your bank manager!  

Q: How much could I earn as a Really Easy Agent?
A: Ah! The Million Dollar Question!

Based on the size of territory, and using ONLY the Really Easy Agent brand (in other words, not allowing for ANY income generated by Really Easy Auctions, Really Easy FSBO, Really Easy Lettings, Really Easy Commercial or Really Easy Overseas) we conservatively believe that every territory is capable of consistently generating a high Six Figure income.

      Precise figures for each territory will obviously vary due to market variations, and the different abilities and focus of each local Really Easy Agent, but our Brochure has some illustrations of the kinds of amazing profits you can expect if you are chosen to be the agent in your territory.  
      Although clearly income earned is in direct proportion to effort and skill expended, we are sure you will be excited when you see how, unlike many traditional franchises, being part of Really Easy Property allows you to keep the lion’s share of all your earnings, and coupled with our unique system, you get to retain most of these as profit since traditional overheads are slashed to a minimum.  
    Q: How do I qualify to become an Really Easy Agent?
A: Some of our Agents are new investors and some are seasoned real estate professionals. As long as you have what it takes, our program is designed to help your business attain the highest level of profits, and leave your competition behind. (Regardless of how long you’ve been investing we are only interested in working with investors who are financially secure, fair with buyers and sellers, and who obey the laws of their local areas.)

Q: What do I get when I sign up as a new Really Easy Agent?
A: Once you join Really Easy Property, Your Territory belongs to YOU. Once you are accepted as the local Really Easy Agent no-one else has that opportunity (unless of course you choose to sell for a big profit).

      Plus you’ll have intensive training and support, internet marketing, exclusive contact management system, access to our affiliate network, fully-loaded laptop, top of the range 360° camera system with tripod and editing software, ongoing support, discount pricing on marketing materials, Hi-Glo for sale boards, letterheads, business cards and postcards etc...
      In other words, you get everything you need to make a resounding success of you business from the get-go.  

Q: Okay. I’m convinced! How do I sign up?
A: We are delighted you want to be part of our winning team.

Like any serious team, our Really Easy Agents are chosen after careful consideration, only if they are suitable. What this means, in short, is that we are looking only for the most capable candidates. This is because each of our agents is an ambassador for the brand, and it is in our collective best interests that we maintain the highest of standards across the board to build the Really Easy brand as the Gold Standard in Property Sales.

      In order to take things forward and to see if you have the Right Stuff we’d like to hear a little more about you. So please go to our Partner Form and fill in the details. Following your submission, we’ll be in touch to take things to the next stage, where you can reserve your territory – if it’s still available and if you’re good enough.  
Q: Given the current market can Really Easy help do anything to help people sell fast?
A: YES! While Really Easy Property was set up to provide new and more cost-effective methods of selling property, the underlying ethic within the company has been to give people a better deal and save them money.
      We could see the downturn in the property market was only a matter of time. Reacting to the situation where people find they need to sell fast is partly why Really Easy Auctions was born. In the current climate it gives everyone the opportunity of realising good prices for their property and saves them from having to approach companies who buy for cash. We can help people in distressed circumstances and we deal in all areas where people want to sell quickly in all circumstances - job relocation, divorce, moving abroad, probate or inheritance, and especially those in fear of repossession.  
      Our model also offers a cost effective vehicle for developer’s off-plan sales; for trade-in properties; for slow moving new build; and it comprehensively trounces traditional auctions in every way.  
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